Saying no to the womxn, intersectional gap in Venture Capital.

Luciana Se (she/her)
1 min readJan 21, 2021

I still can’t reconcile these two facts:

1) womxn and intersectional founders are — STILL — receiving a lot less capital than their peers

2) …while there’s an abundance of data & analysis that clearly shows that investing in women is good not only for the macroeconomy, but also for scientific innovation and for individual investors (higher revenues, better capital efficiency, higher ROI).

It’s aboutfreakingtime we bridge that gap, don’t you think?

Reflections on “From Microaggressions To Mansplaining: Busting Biases In Venture Capital”

So, what can we do?

🎯 Strengthen the other side. Get more women, especially intersectional (LGBTQ, Black, Latinx), on the [cap] table. According to Kauffman Fellows, it can double the number of women entrepreneurs building businesses.
🎯 Visibility (of LPs, diversity-focused investors and funds, and of underrepresented founders themselves)
🎯 Check our own biases — unintentional microaggressions are subtle but with powerful consequences.
🎯 Fight for more accountability & transparency (Founders for Change, VC Guide)
🎯 Be intentional. Put your $ where your mouth is.

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